Good things take time. That would be an understatement for Alfa Vedic formulations … a bit of AV history is in order. The metamorphosis of the nutritional/health field has been, well … interesting, and I’ve had a front row seat from the beginning.

The 60s and 70s were about macro, and I was a jock. Football, full contact fighting, running faster and being stronger were my obsession. Nutrition was about quantity … the school of more is better. I was affectionately considered a beast in those circles … a complement in the world of Neanderthals.

Formal studies in organic chemistry and pre-med paralleled digesting books by Paul Bragg, Paavo Airola and Adelle Davis, and I was a walking test tube. I tried everything, and bought the t-shirt. My training partners included NFL greats, Olympiads, and common gym rats … I was their resident mad scientist.

My first foray into professional health care was in Emergency Medicine after MICP certification at Stanford Medical School. On the side I did nutritional and training consultations at my personal business, Body Culture. While I was doing my thing, our blender bar was turning out my original nutrient drinks by the hundreds. We were a huge hit in those days prior to tonic bars, and the original version of the concept.

The later 70’s and early 80’s were about Naturopathic and Chiropractic College, followed by my first private Holistic Medicine clinic. Blue green algae, herbs and raw whole food concentrates replaced the basic macro-ingredients of old in the next phase of formulating. I suppose it was inevitable, and we watched it unfold. Corporate interests launched their initial assault, and an organically evolving movement became an industry … there was money to be made!

Call me elitist, but I won’t go there … retail stores, that is. A top clothing designer would cringe to see his/her creations on the rack at Walmart, and that’s how I feel. Alfa Vedic has a legacy, and we’re staying true to our roots. We don’t rush to the market with our version of the latest trend … we create trends. You’ll find attenuated versions under various labels of my herbal-greens and protein blends created 20 years past on the shelves now. I originally made those in small batches for my clients, and training partners. I don’t mind … imitation is the best flattery, as they say.

Alfa Vedic’s first product introduction was the Zero Point line of Transitional Element liquid formulas … future physics meets nutrition. Our entire product range is based on similar science and concepts, so making them our flagship line was a given.

David Hudson first discovered these Transitional Elements in the early 90’s, and I made a point of meeting him immediately afterward to pick his grey matter. Since then I’ve studied the science behind their discovery, and built vortex-based magnetic devices to extract them from pristine water sources myself. It wasn’t until I became an avid student of Walter Russell that I truly grasped their significance. I was trying to make sense of Transitional Elements, originally termed Monoatomic Elements from a conventional atomic theory perspective … it didn’t work for me. I knew they were transformative, from clinical trials and personal use, but it wasn’t enough. Twenty-five years later, Alfa Vedic Zero Point technology is blessing the lives of many.

Alfa Vedic’s second line, Thermo Infusions is now ready, and we’re excited! Back in Naturopathic College I was made aware of the Tibetan practice of drinking tea mixed with yak butter. It purportedly lent stamina to sustain them in harsh environmental and work conditions. No yaks in my neighborhood, so we began experimenting with raw butter blended in teas, mate and coffee. It was wonderful!

I’m not a coffee drinker … my natural high idle goes over the edge. Taken with vital fats, however, no jitters, and a remarkable sustained energy. The combination of caffeine to re-set metabolic tempo, and healthy oils keep blood sugars at an even keel, while greatly reducing the hunger reflex. I like to restrict my eating window to about 6-7 hours, and give digestion a rest. Add Zero Point formulas to the mix, and your body is ecstatic.

The Thermo Infusions are available in Coffee, Guayusa and Green Tea Chai formulas… Guayusa is a cleaner feeling/tasting cousin of Yerba Mate. AV Thermo Infusions are a bit more complex than that of our Tibetan friends … here’s why. Organic coffee, guayusa and green tea are rich in nutrients, but each possess a distinct energetic quality that we’ve paired perfectly with other tonic herbs according to Chinese and Ayurvedic pharmacopeia.

The supportive herbs are favored for their ability to cultivate Jing for longevity, Qi, which equates to daily kinetic energy, and Shen, or mind/spirit elevation. Each of the Thermo InfusionsPrimal Essence Coffee, Guayusa Activate Chi and Shen Chai Inspire target each of these attributes respectively. There’s great interplay between the three, but we’ll keep it basic for now.

It’s a snap to prepare … no more work than a cup of coffee: 1) before bedtime empty the contents of one package into a quart ball jar with 3-4 cups hot water, and seal, 2) in the AM pour through a coffee filter or strainer, gently heat, place in blender with 1 tbs of unrefined coconut oil per 8-12 oz. Sweeten with coconut crystals or raw honey if desired. That’s it!

We have quite a cult following amongst our private clients for AV Thermo Infusions, and the anticipation for general release has been great. Make no mistake, these are strong infusions with ample amounts of whole medicinal herbs/roots, Reishi and Chaga mushrooms, spices, elderberries and pomegranate seeds … no anemic teas here. We’ve engineered them for potency and delicious taste. Coconut oil is our recommendation, because it’s the best tasting/healthiest source of fat. Butter and dairy in general are no longer an option for us … sadly, they bio-accumulate toxins that are exponentially increasing from airborne chemicals, radiation etc. etc. etc. If you’re like the rest of us, Alfa Vedic Thermo Infusions will become an essential in your day … possibly a bit addictive, but in the best of ways.

Dr. Barre

Yakety yak, yakety yak
~ The Coasters.

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