Spring is more than a change in weather; the season of ‘new beginnings’ leaves its imprint on all dimensions. Here at Alfa Vedic, this Equinox signifies both a culmination and rebirth. We’ve had the winter months to settle into our new location, but now it’s back to work. Left behind were mature botanical gardens years in the making, but our present site on the remote south fork of the Smith River will sustain more agriculture amidst absolutely pristine surroundings.

It was 2005 when we began growing medicinal herbs at our commercial nursery on the ‘Lost Coast’ of Northern California. It was fabulously successful, and within the first two seasons we were enjoying the vitality of biodynamically-grown herbs sans the downsides of Asian imports. As long-time farmers with years of involvement in integrative medicine ‘growing our own’ was a no-brainer, but we had a larger vision in mind.

The health of a population is dependent on local, ethical agriculture. We are now enjoying a demonstrable push back to corporate centralized farming, and the reliance on foreign imports that have decimated our health, habitat and economy. Small organic farms are beginning to dot the landscape, but we need more. The cultivation of high quality medicinal herbs is especially deficient; the AV Botanical Gardens is our call to action.

We weren’t completely idle during those rainy winter days, however. Go to, and you’ll see what the AV team accomplished, while the rain gauge approached a record 200 inches. Our new site has now been launched, and the Alfa Vedic Herbal-Nutrient System is now available to the public in its entirety for the first time.

These are the same products I formulated for our trainers and clinicians, as an at-home comprehensive system to meet the stingent requirements of health professionals with special-need clients. Each product line works brilliantly in isolation, but is designed for greater versatility as you learn mix and match strategies on our site pages. The 5 product lines were developed from a perspective of biochemistry, electromagnetics and energetic balance, while each line represents a component of the Chinese Medicine 5 Element system.

I feel the ‘nurture factor’ to be as important as anything else, but don’t let these delightful tasting, feel-good products fool you; the Alfa Vedic Herbal-Nutrient System is a serious technology engineered for function, and field-tested.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando


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