Words are abstractions, allegorical conveyances of perspective if you will. They can be twisted, redefined and otherwise used against the unsuspecting. Institutions that exact the greatest toll on our lives and wellness are all based on words. The legal and medical systems are notable in this regard.

Legal is a synonym for fiction, in contrast to Natural Law. The former has reduced language to a devious chimera, while the latter is congruent with rational observation. Legal should never be mistaken for lawful. So what about medicine? It’s the same word game in a white coat. The diagnosis has become the pinnacle of medical achievement. To name and to know are two separate matters, however.

If the diagnosis led to supportive measures that comprehensively addressed cause I’d be all in. Unfortunately, the labeling process often impedes resolution, and becomes a self-fulfilling nightmare at worst. During my early medical training I was taken aback by the high percentage of pathology classified as unknown etiology. This, of course, is a euphemism for “we don’t have a clue what causes this stuff”. In the meantime, victims of disease send proceeds from walk-a-thons, and bake sales to help fund multi-billion dollar, for-profit corporations in their deliberately futile search for the cure.

Voodoo is a documented phenomenon, and we’ve all heard stories of how believers succumb to its workings. Here in the civilized world medical experts have been exalted to a similar deity status. We have all witnessed healthy, symptom-free people die within weeks after a disease was discovered during a routine annual exam. Practitioner intent aside, the two methodologies produce a very similar outcome.

The cat is out of the bag, however. Disease is not at all what we think it is, and the proof is in. When the mechanisms underlying signs and symptoms are understood the breadcrumbs become exceedingly easy to follow. I would highly recommend reading my recent article CANCER IS JUST A WORD, and other accompanying posts on and Those are the very first in a series to receive much elaboration in the near future.

We have all been witness to a severe and rapid cultural decline in our world. Education rewards word recognition skills to derive the right answer at the expense of critical thought. This is nothing short of dog training, and the only remaining question is cui bono? Real science and the path to knowledge has been well hidden in a maze of words, but all of that is about to change.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

“No one should approach the temple of science with the soul of a money changer.” ~ Thomas Browne

Dr. Lando completed MICP certification from Stanford Medical School, after pre-med studies, and earning his MS in Psychology. As a scholarship athlete in college, and life-long enthusiast in the martial arts, his interest in athletic training and nutrition were the impetus for attending both Naturopathic and Chiropractic colleges with specializations in Japanese Meridian Therapy, Kinesiology, Osteopathy & traditional European Bio-Terrain Medicine.


  • crowscrossing333

    Beautifully written by one who has experienced this approach on the Dr. side of it.
    Growing up like some kids I got hurt a lot…or even having the hospital make decisions about the future of my body for me. This was terrifying! Terrifying enough and couple with a very unhealthy paternal side to my family was witnessed enough for me to question deeply the entire experience.
    But also giving me the tools and vision to change what habitual deterioration had been screaming down the ancestral tracks. Thanks Dr. Bare Lando for sharing your perspective. With much appreciation to confirm, learn and reflect on the clarity shared.


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