Outside The Box w/ Jason Liosatos

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We’re delighted to have special guest Jason Liosatos from ‘Outside The Box’.

Jason, an artist, author and peace advocate has created a successful international platform “dedicated to conversations about ethics, morals, truth, peace, empathy, transformation, and a more harmonious humanity and world for all people.”

Jason regularly conducts masterful interviews with notables from the world of health, politics, science & spirituality. We’ll let the discussion lead us into any or all of these areas, as well as his ground-breaking new book, The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings.

You won’t want to miss this one, and be sure to watch Jason’s prior interview with Dr. Lando on ‘Outside the Box’:

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Catch the live show on our Dlive channel this Thursday at 10am PST.  If you can’t join in live,  can catch the replay on our YouTube at 5pm PSTWe also now have all of our streams as podcasts you can stream or download!  Get them here on Podbean!!  Also available on iTunes!


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