Dr. Barre Paul was a wonderful man, and dedicated physician. This good doctor delivered me, and was my childhood medical doctor. I was named after Dr. Barre, and I fondly regarded him more as a grandfather figure; the embodiment of calm, heart-centered caring. He was a hands-on master of his craft, and possessed that special ability to read between the lines of labs and exam.

Today, physicians maintain professional distance. For the most part, a patient is a number on a schedule … time is money, and any departure from the accepted destroys careers. Touch has become a casualty of technology. Educated hands can nuance physical and energetic shifts far beyond any instrument to date. Human hands not only detect, but convey … two modalities in one!

Let’s look at one very simple medical practice with high treatment stakes. A blood pressure reading is often the guiding criteria to initiate a pharmacological litany on trusting medical clients. If a single blood pressure value fails to fall within normal limits, admonishing doctors warn of a vulnerability to the menacing hypertension disease without necessary meds.

I personally perform a blood pressure exam with 6 consecutive readings in various postures. Different organ systems are at play to maintain blood pressure as we move throughout the day. You’d otherwise faint every time you stood up. Liver, kidney and adrenal imbalance can induce both hyper and hypotension.

I then listen (auscultate) at the 4 separate valves of the heart. Each valve makes 2 sounds, also under the influence of the same organs controlling fluid dynamics. For example, an accentuated 2nd sound at the pulmonary valve can indicate adrenal insufficiency. Further functional exams are performed to vet the origin of blood pressure abnormalities. We’ll contrast functional verses conventional testing in future posts. I’d also be remiss without a candid discussion on the true role of cholesterol, circumstantially accused for cardio-vascular events … be patient, we’ll get there.

Common sense would suggest an intelligent protocol of natural bio-terrain practices to address the cause, preferable to exacerbating organ stress with synthetic toxins. If my doctor prescribed beta blockers, blood thinners etc. without really getting his head under the hood, so to speak, I’d shop around. The cultivation of tactile awareness backed by refined data collection is what I call whole brain doctoring. Caring, logic and authentic science … Alfa Vedic!

Dr. Barre

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ Thomas A. Edison

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