As a child in the 50’s I often fantasized about the possibility of living in the year 2000 … all of the ills of the world would be solved, and we would be real life Jetson’s in a futuristic utopia. So what happened?!

We are living in a belief system versus reality. War, poverty and disease are not so much the norm, as they have become an expectation. These blights upon the natural order will vanish on the instant we fathom the real forces put in motion by the power of our attention. The powers that shouldn’t be have concocted every imaginable scheme to interrupt this realization.

2016 is the year of critical mass. Many of us have been seeking and sharing inconvenient truths for decades, and this last year witnessed our efforts bearing fruit. People en masse are rejecting the company line … we’ve all been burnt too many times.

“Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge,
governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information,
and religions destroy spirituality.”
~ Dr. Michael Ellner

Present day science is more akin to religious zealotry, and non-conformity is foreboden. Any deviation from sanctioned beliefs is met with derision, professional suicide, and at times … assassination. As a health professional who endured the indoctrination of scientism in some of their finest universities, I don’t care anymore. My only residual angst is the prospect of being expatriated from true purpose, and 2015 gave evidence to a similar growing sentiment in the larger collective.

Here are just a few ponderances worthy of your consideration. Each statement can be substantiated through classical empiricism, logic and anecdotal evidence:

• Every facet of life and health is a 100% and literal electrical translation of what we intend through thought, and feeling.

Disease is a pre-programmed biological strategy to restore harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Immunization and vaccination are two diametrically opposed practices.

• Chemtrails, GMOs, and vaccines are designed to genetically re-engineer the human genome for a more docile and compliant population of production units.

• Water fluoridation, pharmaceuticals, smart meters, EMFs (WiFi, cell phones etc.) blockade the higher impulses that would otherwise stimulate a greater perceptive bandwidth.

• Media and education have methodically redirected human potential through fictional accounts of science, spirituality and our very origins.

• The Birth Certificate NAME is not you … its unqualified use constitutes voluntary servitude, and agreement to hold harmless those agencies/corporations presently infringing upon your personal and biological property.

The above-mentioned issues could not persist amidst an educated populace, and the rationale for creating Alfa Vedic as an educational platform first. We’ll stay on point with what we know best … health and the self-sufficiency lifestyle, but more will be required from all of us. Non-participation with those institutions and agencies that oppose our peace and well-being is tantamount to positive change, and Mahatma Ghandi understood this mechanism best. The third tier of transmutation is pro-action to finalize the creative triune … knowledge, wisdom and power.

Our heartfelt thanks to the AV faithful! Your patience during our 1st-year transition from private concierge practice to public service will be rewarded, as we release much anticipated product lines in the coming months. We encourage you to investigate the talking points listed in this post, and join us in the burgeoning Renaissance now becoming evident to many.

Happy 2016,
Dr. Barre Paul Lando


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