Humans are an interesting study. We fancy ourselves as the king of beasts, but consider this. Our embryological development traverses through reptilian to mammalian, and all states of consciousness between. The operative word here is consciousness.

Convention regards consciousness as a by-product of the brain. Interesting, since the organ itself is an electrical effect emanating from Consciousness. The embryological process, then, is an acquisition of the instinctual programs of every other species. It is the distinct prerogative of Man to reconcile programmed reactions, with deliberate choice.

Navigating the human experience requires much knowledge, but we do have assistance. The body has a much greater purpose beyond mere ego identification. It is our vehicle for transmuting lower instinctual impulses, and it does so by expressing them biologically. Physical symptoms can relieve a burdened psyche, thus supplanting the territorial imperative with reason as modus operandi.

Here’s our present dilemma; we believe in disease. No purposeful intelligence, just plain bum luck, and faulty natural design. The exponential rise of chronic degenerative conditions has been compartmentalized into numerous diagnostic labels largely categorized as idiopathic … read “we haven’t got a clue”. Disease theory breeds fear, and the solutions of the Natural Order disappear within the fog of war.

New German Medicine is much different. Illness is understood as a viable bio-strategy moving through predictable phases to eventual resolution. NGM founder, R. G. Hamer MD of Germany has delineated the majority of medical conditions according to precise emotional conflicts associated with the lower Plexus regions of the nervous system … our survival centers.

To illustrate: circumstances that threaten one’s health, livelihood or positioning within the collective deliver an electrical impulse to a precise location within the brain. Corresponding body tissues are then recruited in the clearing process by way of a pre-programmed biological response. The initiating stimulation leaves its signature on the brain, and has been verified on thousands of CAT Scans. Each and every time the conflict, brain area and peripheral symptoms correlate perfectly to Dr. Hamer’s taxonomy.

NGM is also consistent with Nature’s projection system of cubic waveforms; all in existence is comprised of a singular unified field. In other words, bodily tissues, instincts, emotions etc. are not somehow related, or affecting one another … they are literally the same informational fields in varying degrees of polarization/depolarization. A biological expression (disease?) is intended to dissipate instinctual programming, and afford options beyond base reactionary behaviors.

In a perfect world, mere understanding of these mechanisms would suffice to mitigate the effects of most disease. Pre-programmed biological programs do require ample bodily resources, and intelligent co-operation to successfully complete the biphasic process, thus avoiding any problematic escalation of symptoms. Unfortunately, ubiquitous toxins, microorganism imbalances, and counterproductive medical practices often necessitate additional intervention. Advanced BioTerrain Medicine is designed to monitor each of these factors to assure the perfect coinciding events necessary at each phase to minimize the possibility of long-term complications.

Future posts will develop these concepts further, including the true role of microorganisms in maintaining robust health, and quality of experience. We have overstayed our welcome with half-truths and archaic science … it’s time to move on.

Dr. Barre

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
~George Bernard Shaw

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