One might consider approaching lifestyle strategies 180° contrary to convention. If the media suggests one thing believe the opposite … especially pragmatic advice for one in the unfortunate proximity of a pharmaceutical infomercial. It’s about shareholders and herd culling, not your health. Social engineering requires a firm hold on the two primary reins of control … finance and medicine. Approaching 40 years in the business, I’ve learned much about the latter.

They say that life is tenuous … routine breast and proctology exams are now considered responsible action, as we dread the inevitable … the diagnosis. We seal the deal by putting money on it, as insurance companies gleefully take the bet. Health can’t be purchased, but again … this is about business. In the absence of knowledge fear trumps reason, and the health industry has refined negative-selling to an art form.

Enter cholesterol. Although the human liver manufacturers copious daily amounts of this essential element, it now lives in comparable infamy to Idi Amin. So how and why did life-sustaining cholesterol become demonized? Just for grins, let’s throw a few facts at the wall:

  1. Cholesterol first gained notoriety almost a century ago when German pathologist, Rudolph Virchow, theorized arterial plaquing found in corpses to be the result of elevated blood cholesterol levels.
  2. The liver manufactures approximately ¾ of all circulating cholesterol.
  3. The Framingham Heart Study revealed that serum cholesterol levels actually decreased in test subjects adhering to a diet high in cholesterol and saturated fats.
  4. The U.S. Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT) revealed people on a low-saturated fat/cholesterol diet suffered a higher mortality rate from all causes, with no significant decrease in heart disease compared to people in other risk-factor control groups.
  5. Cholesterol is the primary substance used to build healthy nerves and hormones.

So why is cholesterol circumstantially found within compromised coronary arteries? The average body now labors under cumulative toxins that overwhelm normal elimination routes. Some of these contaminants, such as heavy metals from chem-trail aerosols, damage bodily tissues leaving micro-ulcerations in their wake. Such changes left unchecked within delicate arterial tissues could deteriorate toward a lethal aneurysm.

Cholesterol is to the body, what duct tape is to the handyman. In a pre-emptive maneuver, it is layered within offended vessels to decrease the likelihood of having a very bad day. Statin drugs are designed to lower serum cholesterol levels, and their commercial success requires a villain. Cholesterol was found at the scene of the crime, after all! Employing statins, known hepato-toxins, to induce cholesterol reduction is apparently a good idea … unless you have an above room temperature IQ.

How’s this for an idea … get rid of the reason for the cholesterol build-up in the first place! Common sense therapies will use functional medicine procedures to accommodate bio-individuality, while rehabilitating arterial health. Components of such a program would include the safe removal (chelation) of heavy metals and other poisons, with measures to expedite tissue regeneration … chop at the roots of the tree, not the branches.

In the interest of contrast, here are just a few of the benefits from too-low cholesterol levels and/or statin drugs:

Muscle Pain/Weakness, Neuropathy, Heart Failure, Dizziness, Cognitive Impairment, Cancer, Pancreatitis, Depression, Hormonal Insufficiency, Lowered IQ, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers

And there you have it … a multi-billion dollar industry is created from the vapors, while anxiety-ridden people unwittingly play the role of lab rat. Any discussion concerning cholesterol necessarily addresses diet, but within an entirely different context when considering a link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease has never been established. An admittedly abbreviated treatise on how one might approach dietary fats can be summarized as such:

What your body likes: Abundant healthy fats in their native state to include olive, coconut & raw dairy; flesh foods derived from grass-fed herds and free-range poultry are the only option to consider for the omnivores amongst us.

What your body doesn’t like: Processed/trans-fats, polyunsaturated fats, pasteurized dairy, modified fats, fish oil supplements & statin drugs.

As people awaken to the disingenuous rationale for low-fat cuisine, methodologies to assure the ample inclusion of healthy dietary fats are now trending. Blending raw butter or coconut oil in with your AM coffee has become popularized as a fun way to get healthy fats into your diet, while achieving a daily metabolic reset. The combination of essential fats with coffee buffers the unpleasant jitters and possible adrenal stress of caffeine over-consumption. Sustained energy and blood sugar levels result from the alchemy of healthy saturated fats together with caffeine.

We’ve approached this centuries-old Tibetan practice in typical Alfa Vedic fashion by going a few steps further. The AV Thermo Infusion line is formulated around three separate caffeine sources: TI No.1 Primal Coffee, TI No.2 Guayusa – Mobilize Qi, and TI No.3 Green Tea Chai – Shen Inspire. The three blends are serious herbal infusions incorporating traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicinal Herbs known for nurturing positive long and short term attributes … longevity (Jing), optimal daily energy (Qi) and upliftment of spirit (Shen) respectively.

Each envelope yields 3-4 cups brew ready for a raw butter or coconut oil blend. Add water, let it sit overnight and you’re ready for the AM. Serious Coffee, Mate (Guayusa) and Chai drinkers absolutely love the taste, and appreciate the dimension of user-friendly herbology at their fingertips. The health benefits of coconut oil are best derived from raw coconut oil in its native state verses modified coconut oils.

Be well,

Dr. Barre Paul Lando


Our line of thermo Infusions incorporate healthy fats into your diet!

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