Recall the last time you saw your breath on a brisk winter walk. Now turn around, and notice how long your exhalation vapors lingered in the atmosphere behind you. A kilometer … 100 meters … 3 meters? Does the omnipresence of tangled exhaust plumes in the sky give you pause?

Do you doubt the possibility of a purposeful mass-aerosol campaign of noxious chemicals and biological agents? Surely air-traffic control would take exception to the precarious maze of intersecting flight patterns if they were indeed out of the ordinary! You may be asking the obvious. Why? Who? Don’t they have to breath the same air? If you plain haven’t noticed this insane atmospheric make-over for the last couple of decades you may consider getting out a bit more.

These questions have answers, but not in conventional media sound-bytes. Beyond the many speculative facets surrounding geo-engineering, are facts … verifiable and accessible to all.

Best estimates place us on a ten-year trajectory for a systemic ecological collapse, and chem-trails are the single-largest contributing factor in this surrealistic scenario. Only sufficient numbers of the informed can alter the inevitable, and is a good place to begin your own research. Just a modicum of honest investigation will reveal the intensity of this serious threat, and make it feel very personal.

As a clinician I regard things within a context of prevalent health trends, so I have a few questions of my own. Why the relentless year-round upper respiratory conditions, lingering coughs and unusual flu symptoms once considered seasonal? Is it a coincidence that varied neurological disorders to include MS, ALS, Parkinsons, autism and Alzheimers have all gone epidemic? Could there be a common denominator? Why do Morgellons disease sufferers exude the same nano-fibers from skin eruptions as found in atmospheric samples?

The list of now-common maladies is alarming, but admittedly not all lie within the exclusive domain of chem-trails. GMO’s, pharmaceuticals/vaccines, smart meters, WiFi, cell phones, fluoridation, fracking, Fukishima etc. are all key contributors. The direst issue facing humanity, however, is in the air we breathe.

Free-range Doctors tend to look at things a bit more askance. We’re not so much concerned about what to call things, as we are interested in understanding them. If once rare conditions are trending in pace with known correlating circumstances it may be worth a look. The arbitrary assignment of diagnostic labels to different symptoms doesn’t preclude a commonality of cause.

Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimers are recognized syndromes exhibiting the systematic degradation of the nervous system. Can a neurotoxin that erodes the myelin sheath surrounding a nerve in one individual equally damage the cerebral cortex of another? Absolutely!


Strictly anecdotal, but of possible note … such cases managed through advanced Bioterrain Medicine, while employing adjunctive chelation therapies to reduce the burden of heavy metals often exhibit remarkable improvement. Consider the additional role of these contaminants in the disruption of normal endocrine function, and lowered IQ in pace with slow nerve death. Would we expect anything other than an abysmal prognosis when one’s plight is chalked up to a mysterious flaw in natural design with hopes pinned to a new wonder drug around the bend?

It would be difficult to altogether avoid exposure to heavy metals in light of current circumstance, but you may consider measures to assure they don’t overstay their welcome in your body. In years past we used techniques requiring IV drips with agents to chelate out heavy metals and other elements unfavorable to health, so they could be excreted through normal elimination channels. It worked, although somewhat invasive with IVs and all, and a bit pricey. Another drawback is that you could only open up a 2-4 hour elimination window around the time of the treatment.

Clinical protocols using Clintoptolite Zeolite are by far my favored method for gently and effectively reducing the deposition of heavy metals and other contaminants in the cellular matrix. It is also proven to safeguard against the effects of nuclear radiation, and can be easily administered in multiple daily amounts for 24 hour protection.

Alfa Vedic’s Zero Point No.4 – Zeolite is the best of all worlds. In an easy to assimilate liquid solution, this highest grade pure Zeolite is complexed with Humic Acid, as a base of bio-available minerals, and further activated with Transitional Elements.

A conceptual grasp of the science behind so-called Transitional Elements, and you’ll understand why the Alfa Vedic Zero Point line is a true game-changer in next-step nutrition. You’ll also appreciate this knowledge as a vast departure from present limitations in both science and medicine.

Future accomplishments will involve the creation of energy and matter through the direct manipulation of wave-forms. The belief in a particle-based universe, quantum or otherwise, is a myth, and the source of every problem we now face. Alfa Vedic is about linking up with like-minded people no longer willing to compromise … we are all here to create anew, and we’d better get busy.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando


your zero-point defense system


  • Nate

    What else can one do and use to help with the serious effects that chemtrails cause in ones body?. I am and have been dealing with chemtrail toxicity for a long time now and it is once again getting rather serious as it has gotten to what I call saturation point and therefore is creating more issues than normal. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    • Alfa Vedic

      Hey Nate! We understand your concern as this is truly a global epidemic. Besides Zeolite, we recommend Carbon 60 as a detoxifying remedy. We have found it to be an amazing ally in our fight against the effects of chemtrails! We offer it on our site. Also, we offer a detoxifying package called our Cleanse pack which includes our Amino Boost detoxifying formulation. You can email us direct with any other questions at Wishing you health and happiness!


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