We’ve been very, very busy here at ALFA VEDIC, but as some of the AV faithful have noted, curiously quiet. Now that it’s a done deal, I’ll spill the beans. We’ve moved, upgraded, expanded and retooled for the next level of operations. I’ll save the best for last, but let’s address the “why” factor first.

Once upon a time, we couldn’t have imagined leaving the Mattole River Valley on Humboldt County’s “Lost Coast”. Infamously dubbed as the “Emerald Triangle” for the region’s pioneering role in the cannabis industry, life is not as idyllic as it once was. Greed and bureaucracy have supplanted the staunch individualism and laissez faire commerce that once distinguished this isolated wilderness as a sanctuary from “Agenda 30” code enforcement and group-think.

Ironically, the singular commodity that put this Northern California habitat on the map has now become its Achilles heel. I have long been a proponent of medical cannabis, and personally witnessed the curative properties of this botanical wonder on people too numerous to count. So why is this gift from Nature implemented in the downfall of an entire subculture?

The mom and pop farms that established Humboldt County as the weed gold standard have become a historical footnote. Small grows stealthily placed amidst home vegetable gardens, orchards and wild lands have been super-sized into scenes more resembling Walmart complexes dotting the once-pristine landscape.

As we began the chore of packing up farm and home this June water levels in the Mattole River more resembled that of late autumn thirsting for a winter’s replenishing. Growers are poaching record gallons from the river’s feeding creeks and springs, while fertilizer run-off contributes to the algae blooms once unheard of in this delicate watershed.

Those of us native to northern California will be the first to tell you that there are a lot of new faces in town, foreign cartels to be exact. It’s funny how these in-your-face operations always seem to catch a pass, while more moderate scenes are targeted as the “war on drugs” patsies. Certain 3-letter agencies have a long and lucrative past in running such interference.

As small farms jump through compliance hoops for pending marijuana legalization, attorneys are working over-time to direct legislation favorable to “special Interests”. Monsanto (Bayer) has GMO cannabis readied to wreak its havoc, while big pharma is feverishly securing patents for self-granted exclusivity. Long-time locals look askance at “compliance”, and correctly perceive the process as preparatory intel-gathering for yet another monopoly in the hands of Wall Street suits. In summary, marijuana legalization is not what it appears to be.

Now for the good news! Our new digs are further north at the Oregon border on the Smith River. This amazing waterway flows through some of the most beautiful scenery in California, while enjoying the reserve status as the largest free-flowing river within the Bear Republic. The route to the new AV Botanical Gardens is defined by vast stands of old-growth redwoods, and ubiquitous swimming holes gracing an unmarred eco-system.

With expanded acreage, and superior growing conditions our signature crop, Jiao Gu Lan, and other garden medicinals will fare much better in both quality and yield. The property is entirely off-grid, and the new Alfa Vedic business center is solar-powered, and connected to “civilization” via satellite. Visitors will enjoy on-site accommodations, 300 feet of private beach, and trail head access to miles of exploration within the Six Rivers wilderness area.

There will be no idle hands in the coming months, but we couldn’t be more excited. New Alfa Vedic creations have been in the launch chutes for quite awhile, and will begin appearing on soon … very soon. The AV 2016 spring/early summer crop of Jiao Gu Lan was more than successful to allow the first, albeit limited production run of our Immortality Teas.

Our “coming soon” Herbal-Greens, once the mainstay of a company I created some 15 years ago, are back in production, but several evolutions beyond. Each of the six formulas are an alchemy of amino acids, essential oils and cell salts to amplify the effects of the core herbal ingredients. There’s a reason why AV creations have earned the reputation as “smart nutrition”, and this product line more than lives up to its billing.

During my years of active practice it became glaringly apparent that the emotional dimension was the absolute key in unravelling difficult clinical cases. Psychiatry and conventional psychology have not only confounded any possible insight into this nebulous phenomena we term emotion, but further widened the chasm in our ability to harness this powerful element for creative endeavor. Emotions are not a product of life drama and circumstance as commonly perceived, they are the cause. Properly understood, we would cultivate and proactively direct this attribute on a daily basis. The AV Floral Essence Balms were developed to support this end.

The AV Floral Essence Balms are a homeopathic transdermal technology to retrain emotional patterning. Select essential oils and organic carrier mediums compliment the energetics of core floral essences, while expediting the delivery of their informational fields through the connective tissue matrix. Each of the nine AV Balms are congruous with the mechanics of the Enneagram, the only mathematically-based system of psycho-spiritual analysis consistent with the physics of our electric universe. Yes, they are a done deal, and you’ll be able to feel their magic first-hand!

Our Creative Director and co-founder, Bryden Lando has morphed his successful Los Angeles-based business, Drones Clothing, to accommodate an entire Alfa Vedic apparel line. Look for AV logo hoodies, T’s, and hats for starters in designer quality natural fibers. Bryden has a brilliant talent in translating socially-relevant art-work to a clothing canvas with a twist of wit. You’ll enjoy a steady flow of new releases following our basic logo line in the coming months. Look for them under the soon-to-appear “MERCH” tab, which will also offer all the implements you need to take best advantage of our Herbal Infusions, Teas and Nutritionals.

Alfa Vedic will always stay true to our product-driven educational platform. Knowledge is the primary acquisition to re-establish sovereignty in your life and health. Mike Winner, Alfa Vedic’s Technical Director and co-founder will be exercising his considerable media-production talents to animate our pages with product “how-to” videos, podcasts with notables in the world of entertainment, science and medicine, and member areas for specialized instruction catering to regular folks and health professionals alike.

Alfa Vedic has been a journey of some 40 years in the making, but we’re just getting started. We are different, because we are authentic … a rarity in today’s bottom-line world.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

“I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is a flower. God put it here.” ~ Willie Nelson


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