This entry is inspired by a recent conversation I heard between my favorite radio host, John B. Wells, and Dr. Darrell Hamamoto, professor at UC Davis. John B. and Dr. Darrell deftly echoed some of my own long-held sentiments concerning the present state of the dis-union. I’d like to further improvise off their riff, and hopefully, with their blessing, in the direction of my expertise … Biological Terrain Medicine.

Nature is rich in texture and nuance … it’s an Analog affair. A curious thing has happened. In the name of progress we’ve attempted to circumvent the adventure of the soul traversing this plane of experience by capturing snapshots at the expense of everything in between … this can be termed Digital.

Digital makes sense if your intent is to make a quick manufacturing buck, or extricate a populace from their historical roots, or present trajectory of Purpose. There’s only one problem … it doesn’t work for the rest of Us! Witness the state of our world presently engulfed within the digital Maya … young minds programmed with overwhelming info-bits devoid of context, while the innate creative genius is pummeled into desensitized complacency.

One fact has escaped the techno-revolution dialogue … there is nothing new under the sun. Technology can best be summed succinctly as thus … the bringing forth in a simplistic and external format some facet of the Natural Order for the enlightenment of humanity. For instance, the so-called computer age is an evolutionary marker for a people ready to embrace a fundamental truism … garbage in, garbage out.

It’s all about programming, or software if you will. Of equal import are the omissions within any given download, which brings us back to Analog vs Digital. Our discussion is especially relevant to the practice of medicine. In my last post, The Conspiracy of Science, I opined conventional science, as being one-half of the equation only … it has been digitalized. Laboratory assay and technological-assisted observation offer a moment-in-time glimpse of after-effects. Future posts will elaborate the other half beyond conceptual … be patient.

The Intelligence birthing the vibrations that impress our senses as reality in toto reside squarely at the equator of cubic wave forms. Within this plane of silence is the fulcrum of creation, and this grand simulation is a mere exposé of omnipresent intelligent stillness. This is the guarded secret of the want-to-be controllers, and middle-man skimmers who buy and sell humanity’s birthright.

Any authentic medical analysis should mimic the sequential reasoning of classical logic, with initial fact-gathering (labs, exam, history etc.) to answer the questions: Who? What? Where? When? The critical Why? question lies patiently in queue. The manner in which one concludes Why? will at once reveal the underlying mindset … analog or digital?

A medical conclusion derived from any number of signs/symptoms pre-assigned to a diagnostic term can best be described as a logical fallacy. Approved recipe protocols then treat the diagnosis, with little discretion paid to the complexity of biological variance let alone mind or sentience. Such parsimonious sleuthing can only be termed Digital.


For what is it that holds man back today from spirit-knowledge? — Lack of soul courage, not to say soul cowardice. Man wants to receive everything passively, wants to set himself down in front of the world as if it were a movie, and wants to let the microscope and the telescope tell him everything. He does not want to temper the instrument of his own spirit, of his own soul, by activity. ~ Rudolf Steiner


Forensic processes within Bio-Terrain Medicine should properly be understood as a functional assessment. The Why? question is paramount, so once again we return to the deeper significance of this so-called computer age. Personal circumstance and relative health reflect electrical forces initiated by beliefs animated through feeling. Simply stated, we write the programs that dictate our version of reality, and computers graphically illustrate this attribute.

Fortunately, Nature operates unerringly with macro-patterns that know not disease, nor lack for any good thing. Functional medicine is a tool toward this realization. Left unfettered by political restraint, or superstition, genuine analysis provides the breadcrumbs leading the wanderer to the realm of responsible, pro-active self-sufficiency. The journey back will reveal any measure of support for body, mind or spirit to realign with Original Intentanalog medicine at its finest!

Next up … let’s talk about the mythology surrounding cholesterol … we’ll explode the disinformation, and reveal why you may consider raising your levels with a diet abundant in healthy fats. Alfa Vedic’s Thermo Infusion line will be highlighted as a brilliant way to achieve this end, while incorporating the powerful attributes of Chinese/Ayurvedic herbal medicine at the same time.

Dr. Barre


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