MK-Ultra mind control survivor, Cathy O’Brien, returns to Afacast to further explore the realignment of the collective mind with Universal Spirit.

Cathy Obrien’s heroic journey of escape & recovery from MK-Ultra mind control has become legendary, and a source of inspiration to thousands.

Cathy”s autobiographical TRANCE Formation of America was the first documented account of government mind control practices.

These same methodologies developed by the CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation have been incrementally applied in varying degrees to the general population under the guise of education, entertainment and the curriculums of our most esteemed professions.

In this second interview, we explore the ramifications of these covert programs on a systemic level, as evidenced by obviously orchestrated events contrary to the welfare of all Life within our Realm.

This transparently nefarious world theater has inspired a great awakening, but still too many perceive a dark agenda too pervasive and ominous to overcome.

Cathy’s story is a testament to the inevitability of our final Exodus from those who wish to enslave through the strength of the human spirit and power of love.

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