It’s autumn here at the new Alfa Vedic Gardens, and we’re busy. Garden fences, and building construction have taken precedence over blogging and website development. Our recent transition northward has required all able hands, as we re-create and expand our farm-based business. Apologies, but we’ll soon be back with regularity and completely re-tooled.

The stated mission of Alfa Vedic has always been about education. The world wide web is a wealth of readily available information censored from corporate media, but we still witness too many misconceptions, and omissions within alternative medical circles. It’s time we step back, connect some larger dots, and let the minutiae sort itself out.

The macro patterns that govern the electric universe should be taught in grade school. Science has devolved to scientism, and massaged our cognition to accept illogic for logic, as inquisitorial powers persecute non-believers. The truth is both observable, and simple.

The AV Team will be reformatting our site to accommodate an expansion in media, blogging etc. Our content will canvas both the macro and micro of trending issues, but always within the same context … the relevance to your health. We have much more to say about the state of our world than most can imagine, and the “why” and “how to” of this will be our primary focus. We’ll raise some eyebrows at times, but for many people the simple truth is just too … simple.

For now, please raise your eyebrows to the above image. Top left going counter clock-wise: the Smith River viewed from the Alfa Vedic Gardens; the first of our garden fences to keep critters away (hopefully bears too) from beehives, herb and food production; foundation prep for the new Alfa Vedic business center; finally, a new addition to our popular Zero Point line – Zero Point No.7 Magnesium Transdermal spray.

The AV Zero Point No.7 Magnesium Spray is a timely entry into the Alfa Vedic line-up, as a more facile method to supply this all-important mineral. The combination of pure, bio-available Magnesium with transitional element Indium in a Fulvic-transdermal delivery system elevates this formula to an elite status amidst the many Magnesium supplements presently available.

Bound with small molecular-sized Fulvic, and its integral companion elements Magnesium is transported in greater concentration, and ease through the connective tissue matrix. Transitional element (Indium) activation completes the superior action of this unique topical spray, which has become an indispensable favorite with AV patrons.

Improved sleep, increased muscle strength and flexibility, re-mineralization for bone/teeth strength, nervous system relaxant, better hydration, constipation relief, greater alkilinity, efficient enzyme production and enhanced insulin secretion are some of the benefits commonly observed when using this product. Did I mention that it’s unbelievable for insomnia?

I’ll keep you all abreast of our progress up here in both words and imagery, and don’t be surprised if some new Alfa Vedic offerings begin appearing in the near future.

Be Loved and Be Well

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~ Anaïs Nin


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2 replies on “ALFA VEDIC GARDENS

  • bonnie fish

    goodness gracious, i’m so jazzed for you guys. only two of the pictures could be viewed but the one of the river took me to heaven while transporting myself there!
    will read about all your products when i have time but i recently found out thru lab testing my toxic metals that i am super high in strontium. haven’t found anyone to tell me how to get rid of it. was going to try zeolite. i already eat all the foods that are suppose to remove heavy metals and have cleansed up the yin yang. i recall having my hair tested 40 plus years ago and them saying the same thing. NOT STRONTIUM 90, strontium 88. can’t wait to figure out someone to come up north with me once i move which i am presently in the process of doing. love to you both, bonnie fish

    • Alfa Vedic

      Hey Bonnie!

      Our Zero-Point Zeolite liquid solution is in a form that will not cause any additional heavy metal buildup and will help with the chelation process of expelling these toxic metals. Also we are about to offer a new exciting product called C60 that will be super effective for this type of cleanse. We will be offering this in about a week!


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